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Women's Health

VOYA Spring Tides Menopause Journey is here to help women cope with some of the unwelcome, emotional and physical symptoms of menopause, containing natural ingredients known to behave like oestrogen. The plant Oestrogen of Evening Primrose and Himanthalia Elogata Seaweed work to manage symptoms alongside essential oils of Lavender to balance hormones, improve sleep and encourage relaxation, Rosemary improves memory, concentration and mood, and Geranium relieves anxiety and depression.

Rebalancing Massage

60 min, £95

Soothing full body massage techniques will encourage relaxation and help to unwind the bodies tension and stress due to hormone imbalance. Using a cool compress and gentle body spritz to keep the body temperature balanced and hydrated. 


Hormonal Balance Ritual

90 min, £120

Transform your inner and outer self with Voya's balancing ritual which celebrates and supports you through the natural tides of life. Using aromatherapy oils, stress and anxiety are washed away with balinese style massage techniques to help you to rest and unwind.
A grounding foot reflex massage anchors you to the present moment while a soothing stomach massage eases bloating and aid digestion. Finish your treatment with a hydration boost to cool and calm your skin easing irritation as busy minds are quietened with a blissful scalp massage.

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