The Wellness Room
Private Classes

Restorative Yoga

60 min, £55 (one to one or a couple)

A highly calming and soothing yoga for the mind and body, tapping into the layers within us that need space to unwind and pause.

Expect a passive and deeply receptive practice - an invitation for the body and mind to release from doing to just being. Poses are held and supported using props, such as bolsters and blankets, to allow deep relaxation and the creation of physical and mental space. A truly nourishing practice that offers you a chance to restore a sense of peace and perspective.

Please contact Beccy direct to book your private class 07967 271334


Yin Yoga

60 min, £55 (one to one or a couple)

Return your physical, mental and emotional self to balance through a yin yoga practice and its calming healing approach.

Expect a slow paced class with deep breathing and longer holds in the yin poses, giving you time to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body.

These meditative poses target the deeper tissues of the body, helping you experience increased flexibility, greater strength and improved joint health. Yin yoga is a rejuvenating and grounding practice that offers remedies to the stresses of your everyday life.


Please contact Beccy direct to book your private class 07967 271334

Vinyasa Yoga

60 min, £55 (one to one or a couple)

Vinyasa yoga is a lovely way to open the body and bring calm to the mind. The mindful synchronising of movement with breath enables the body to flow seamlessly from one pose to the next and brings awareness to the present moment.

Expect to be guided through a creative and dynamic practice with a variety of poses, that gradually build in intensity, ending in deep relaxation and time to soak in your practice. With a strong focus on alignment this energising, flow yoga builds strength, flexibility and a greater sense of balance within.


Please contact Beccy direct to book your private class 07967 271334


Sound Bath Therapy

60 min, £45 (one to one or a couple)

Sound Bath is a meditative experience where you will be "bathed" in sound bath waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and the human voice itself. During the sound bath, you will lie on your back on a comfortable mat, supported with props and blankets for extra comfort, for the entire experience. Sound Bath can help with many symptoms including, stress, fatigue, depression, mood and can release tension in the body. 

Please contact Zelda direct to book your private class by email, or call 07503 141634



60 min, £55 (one to one or a couple)

Realise the immense power of training the mind to enhance emotional and physical health. A meditation practice will encourage you to release stress, sharpen mental focus and help you navigate challenges in your life with more fluidity and fluency.

Expect some gentle mindful yoga movements, transitioning to a short restorative practice to ease into stillness, nourishing breathing practices and culminating in a guided meditation. A soothing retreat for the mind, body and soul.


Please contact Beccy direct to book your private class 07967 271334


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