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Day Retreats 

   Day Retreats offer you precious time to escape, let go and just be. Spending time with other like minded people wishing to achieve the same experience.

Menopause Day Retreat

Escape, Adapt, Support and Flourish

Your day at the retreat will include:-

  • Mindful Restorative Yoga Class

  • 40 min Rebalancing Massage treatment each

  • Relaxation time using all the facilities at the retreat

  • A healthy lunch

  • Nutritional support by Daniella Luan Timms

  • Sound Bath Therapy Class

Price £195

Date: Please email for dates

To Book - please email


Breast Cancer Day Retreat

Please email for dates
10am - 4.30pm

This is a specially organised Day Retreat for those with a Breast Cancer diagnoses. Whether you are newly diagnosed, going through conventional treatment or post treatment, this is a special day for you.

You will experience,

Welcome herbal tea

A gentle mat based restorative yoga class

40 min Jennifer Young Massage

A healthy lunch

A sound bath therapy class

Full use of the facilities, including infrared sauna, outside wood-fired aromatherapy bath, relaxation room, massage chairs.

To book please email

Mens Health and Wellness

Day Retreat

Date: Please email for dates

10am - 5pm

Cost £220pp

Discover a new approach to deal with burnout, anxiety and stress with a retreat focused on providing you with the support and guidance to reset and heal.

A day Retreat for men’s health and wellbeing. Included in this full day experience, a warm oil relaxing massage treatment, Restorative Yoga Class, Sound Bath Meditation, guided walk, full use of the spa facilities, a wholesome healthy lunch.


To book please call 

01869 233444 or email

Mum-to-Be Day Retreat

Please email for dates

10am - 4pm


Share your restful escape with other mums-to-be.

This Day Retreat Focuses on alleviating muscle tension and pregnancy-related symptoms, prenatal massage provides mum-to-be with a sense of serenity and relaxation as they go through a period of major physical changes.

You will experience;

A 60 min Sound Bath Therapy Class

40 min Prenatal Massage treatment

A healthy lunch

Talk with Antenatal & Hypnobirthing expert Emma Saville

Full use of the facilities, relaxation room, massage chairs, seaweed foot spa.

To book please call

01869 233444 or email

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